The International Olive Council (IOC) is currently inviting applications for scholarships related to the International Expert Course in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting.

This educational opportunity is being hosted by the University of Jaén in Spain and aims to advance technology transfer to improve participants’ tasting abilities. It focuses on imparting foundational knowledge about the sensory evaluation of virgin olive oil, its methodology, and the association between olive oil’s organoleptic traits and its cultivation and extraction methods, alongside various physical and chemical quality control standards.

This call is open to professionals from countries that are members of the IOC, who have a minimum of five years’ experience working in olive oil mills, quality control of olive oil, or in the research and development of olive oil. Applicants should also have a basic educational qualification. The course is scheduled to run from the 25th of September to the 19th of December, 2024, in Jaén, Spain.

Interested individuals must submit their scholarship applications by the 7th of April, 2024.

For additional details about the course, the scholarships offered by the IOC (including principles, exclusions, selection, and award criteria), and the application process, more information can be found HERE.

Attached for further reference is the brochure: Triptych_Olive_March_2024.




Applications for scholarships for the International Expert Course in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting