🌿 Save the Date: Celebrate Olive Oil Excellence and Sustainability at the Final ARTOLIO ENI CBC MED Meeting in Barcelona!🌿


Hello, Olive Oil lovers and Sustainability Advocates! We are delighted to announce the grand finale of our pioneering ARTOLIO ENI CBC MED project, a three-day empowerment taking place in Barcelona from the 9th to the 11th of October 2023. 🗓️

🤝 What to Expect?

Expect an assembly of partners, experts, and producers all committed to driving forward the sustainable and premium production of extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean Basin. Join us to discuss the project’s journey, share cultural experiences, and witness the very first ARTOLIO Awards! 🏆
🗣️ “ARTOLIO has evolved beyond just process improvements; it has redefined the quality of extra virgin olive oil, with a special focus on energizing the local economies of the Mediterranean,” says our esteemed partner, Yifat Reuveni. 🌳

🛠️ ARTOLIO Platform

The newly launched ARTOLIO platform aims to empower producers, providing essential market tools and consulting services to ensure their products reach international audiences. This meeting will also be a space to discuss the future and potential second iteration of the ARTOLIO project! 🌐

🎉 Special Highlights

A gala dinner that promises to be a night of glamour and recognition. 🍾
Excellent Sub-Grantees Awards presented via video call, allowing us to celebrate milestones, even from a distance! 🌍

📌 Agenda Snapshot

October 9th: Final Report Presentation and ARTOLIO Platform Introduction
October 10th: In-depth discussions and Gala Dinner 🍴
October 11th: Project Summary, Future Calls for Proposal, and Farewell Ceremony 🎭

📍 Venue: Petit Palace Museum, Barcelona

This is not just a meeting; it’s a cultural and professional fusion. It’s an invaluable opportunity to rub elbows with industry experts and discover the vibrant culture of Barcelona. 🎨
Together, let’s toast 🥂 to a greener, more sustainable, and flavoursome future! 🌿

👉 If you are a producer, book your place on our platform today and become part of the history of olive oil! ✨