Demetris Taliotis

“Extra virgin olive oil is not a luxury, or at least it shouldn’t be.”


When thinking about olive oil production, there is the modern notion of exporting to other countries but, at the very core of olive oil production, there has always been a sense of identity, an underlining that speaks of culture. The local market has always been a fundamental pillar in the sector, as it provides farmers with consumers who are known to them, and consumers with the knowledge that the oil they use for cooking comes from their land. Dimitris Taliotis, ARTOLIO’s beneficiary from the Cyprus region, believes in this inherent identity that follows the olive oil tradition and has centered his entire work philosophy around the idea that olive oil is a cultural product, something that must be preserved.

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“If you go to a supermarket in the UK, you will find more choices on the shelves than in any supermarket in Cyprus, despite the fact that the UK is not an olive oil producing country. My dream is to see the shelves in Cyprus full of oil made in our land, something that would be inherently ours.” Demetris and its brand, Aparthenasa, sell extra virgin olive oil locally, with the aim of enriching the local Cyprus market. Coming from a non-traditional farming family, Demetris started his working career in the marketing field, but somehow all his projects revolved around the food theme and that is how he discovered his interest in olive oil. After a while, he and his wife decided to train in olive growing and bought an abandoned olive grove to start farming.

Camille Jehl 1IMG 20201101 111140 ARTOLIO Best AOVE, EVOO, Extra virgin olive oilARTOLIO helped Demetris with his new project by installing a much-needed high-end irrigation system, but if there is one thing he appreciates about this project, it is the farming community that has originated in Cyprus thanks to the involvement in ARTOLIO. “What I do now gives me comfort, and I feel well-supported by my partners. When my orchard burned down last year, they helped me when I needed it most, and I’m grateful for that.”