Monogram Premium Organic by Monogram

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Nothing embodies the rich history and singular taste of Greek olive oil more than our “Monogram Premium Organic EVOO” from two exceptional ancient, indigenous Greek olive cultivars: our Athinolia olives from Monemvasia and our Koroneiki olives from Kalamata, Peloponnese. Together they complement each other perfectly, enhancing the best qualities of each. An international multi-award winning organic olive oil both for its superior tasting profile and high-phenolic content. Recognized among the World’s best olive oils.

Available in 500ml (17 fl.oz)


Monogram Premium Organic

MONOGRAM’s small batch “first harvest” extra virgin olive oil is the finest cold-pressed extraction of non-ripened olives-prized for their enhanced qualities of flavor, freshness, low acidity, and health benefits. Selected organic olives of the two most Ancient, Indigenous Greek Olive cultivars, our Koroneiki olives from Kalamata and our Athinolia olives from Monemvasia, are pressed within a short time from harvesting to produce an olive oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics. This unique blend has a brilliant, vivid golden-green color and velvet texture.

It “blossoms” a sharp fruity flavor typical of an early harvest. On the nose, the smell opens with strong fresh almond and green leaf aromas. In the mouth, bitter and spicy sensations coexist in perfect harmony, offering a delightful robust aftertaste! A full-bodied olive oil with a rich mouth feel. An international multi-award-winning organic olive oil recognized for its tasting (sensory) profile, design and high-phenolic content.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Early harvest.
Produced according to strict national and international standards of organic handling, farming, and cultivation. Pruned, harvested and bottled with full control of eco-production from root to table.


A stunning 500ml glass bottle, beautifully packaged and fully protected in eco-friendly royal blue packaging. A metal pouring design for a perfectly controlled flow. Patented as non-refillable, anti-drip, and tamper-proof. Available in 500 ml.

Health & nutritional claims

MONOGRAM extra virgin olive oil collections contains a broad spectrum of bioactive compounds on its nutritional label which prove its beneficial health impact. Our early harvesting contributes to a higher concentration of polyphenol antioxidants, which are widely praised for their disease-fighting properties. Monogram’s high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils provide antioxidants that have been scientifically linked to the prevention of health-related diseases. MONOGRAM belongs to the category of Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils that protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress according to the European Commission legislation (E.U Reg. 432/2012).

Gold Award-winning for 4 consecutive years as one of the World’s” High-phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil” organized by the World Olive Oil Center for Health with the Health claim on its label as a “High-phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

In addition, according to the European Commission legislation (Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006), our “Monogram Premium Organic Blend” includes on its label the nutritional claim “High in Mono-unsaturated fat, Oleic acid” which can help to lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of coronary disease.